About Jeff Burd

Jeff Burd started working in the information side of the construction industry with McGraw-Hill’s Dodge Reports in 1981. He worked in a variety of management positions with McGraw-Hill, eventually settling back in Pittsburgh in 1991.

20190228_163145Burd founded the Pittsburgh Construction News (PCN) in 1994 and began a career of providing information about what is moving the construction and real estate industry in western PA so that regional firms can make strategic decisions about growing and managing their businesses. After the sale of PCN in 2005, Burd founded the magazine BreakingGround, a bi-monthly publication for executives in construction and real estate.  In 2012, he launched DEVELOPINGPittsburgh, a semi-annual commercial real estate magazine done on behalf of NAIOP Pittsburgh.

The magazines were founded in part to highlight the transformation of the region and combat the onslaught of negative media impressions about Pittsburgh at the time. A promoter of all things Pittsburgh, Burd is a regular speaker on the regional and national economy. He serves on the Steering Committee for the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, the Business Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, is an advisory board member of the American Subcontractors Association of Western PA and the Green Building Alliance’s Policy Committee.

5 responses to “About Jeff Burd

  1. Lou Stempkowski

    Nice job Jeff!
    Lou Stempkowski

  2. Jeff – – great commentary on the Pittsburgh markets, appreciate it.

  3. Keep up the great work Jeff.

  4. Richard Rosner

    Jeff-cutting edge for the Pittsburgh market, keep up the great work.

  5. Jeff….this is great info on the commercial real estate market in Pittsburgh!

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