A Burst of Public Work

State and local governments – including school districts – have been plagued by emptier coffers and reduced tax revenues for several years. That reality has reduced capital spending from the public sector, although a number of larger projects have moved ahead. At the current moment, however, a handful of $15-30 million public jobs are bucking this trend.

Over the next 30-60 days these projects will bid: $18 million Holiday Park Elementary School in Plum (Aug. 26); $34 million East Liberty Transit Center (Sept. 5); $19 million Frazer Elementary/Middle School (Sept. 18); $30 million Cathedral of Learning Elevator Modernization (design/build due Oct. 10); and the $23 million Fox Chapel High (tentatively scheduled to go out mid-Oct.).

In the private sector, the $15 million Westmoreland Museum of Art took bids on its expansion from Jendoco, Massaro and James Construction. The $70 million Gardens at Market Square office/hotel development broke ground this week. Massaro Corp. was selected as the CM At-risk for the $14 million Meadville Medical Mall and a $2.5 million renovation to Pitt’s Barco Law Library. Turner was selected as CM for the $28 million Carnegie Science Center expansion. Dollar Bank awarded the contract for its new Richland Mall branch to MBM Contracting.


2 responses to “A Burst of Public Work

  1. What is the city stand on making UPMC pay tax? It is one of Pittsburgh biggest employer, the tax revenue would help the city.

    • Not really my bailiwick. If I recall, however, the Ravenstahl administration is challenging UPMC’s non-profit status & UPMC is suing the City to stop it so I guess that spells out the City’s position.

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