$100 Million Bethel Park School to Bid

Around March 31 the bid packages for the new Bethel Park High School will go out to bid. The project is a 3-year, 320,000 square foot job that will bid in 15 packages (plus or minus). During March there will be one or two pre-release meetings held to review the scope of the packages, particularly the unusual breakout of the general packages. The $100 million project’s construction manager, Massaro Corp., has arranged those packages to eliminate any obstacles to key critical path elements in summer 2011.

According to the Massaro, there will be a site work/utilities package worth $8-10 million, which is being bid independent of the general trades so that there are no encumberances on being prepared to do the large parking lot & landscaping wrapup in summer 2011.  There will also be a separate foundations/structural steel contract ($20 million plus) and general construction package ($30 million plus) bid.

In addition to these three contracts there will be three packages to cover food service, casework & specialty furnishing, and six mechanical & electrical related packages.

The building architect is Weber Murphy Fox from Erie. Bids will be due at the end of April.


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